YST 009: Understanding PTSD

In this episode of You Start Today, I interview Air Force veteran and psychiatrist, Dr. David Estep. 


We’ll learn about post-traumatic stress disorder, and begin to understand how to help those we love who have gone through traumatic experiences. 


If you’ve struggled with PTSD, listen to learn that you’re not alone, understand what you’re feeling, and begin to heal, starting today.


No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War was published by Zondervan. It’s my story of going to war and my long road to recovering from it. My personal journey with PTSD led me to write the book. In this episode of You Start Today, we start learning how to heal.


All of us have to face war in our lives in one form or another- literal combat, disease, failed relationships, death, financial problems, etc.- and learning to heal from the wounds our wars cause is critically important if we want to survive and thrive.


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