A Calm Voice in the Corona Chaos (with Philip Yancey)

Today we’re going to visit with my friend, Philip Yancey.

(photos: Philip Yancey, Lisa and me with Philip and Janet Yancey)

It’s a scary time. People, especially people that don’t have any medical training, are really nervous and worried because it’s a situation they feel they have no control over, and they don’t know what to do.

So, I thought today that I’d reach out to an old friend, someone with a long history of being the guy people call when they’re scared or hurting.

People frequently call for Philip’s comforting presence when some large-scale tragedy occurs. His career of writing and speaking about where God is during pain and hardship, and his calming, steady voice have made him uniquely positioned to bring comfort to the acutely suffering.

He was asked to minister to the families of the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook shootings, and the tsunami survivors in Fukushima, Japan.

Philip is a best-selling author, who writes primarily about the spiritual issues surrounding difficult and painful situations. His books have sold more than fifteen million copies in English and have been translated into forty languages. He is one of the best-selling Christian authors in the world.

Two of his books have won the Christian Book of the Year Award: The Jesus I Never Knew in 1996, and What’s So Amazing About Grace? in 1998. His books have won thirteen Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers, and he is a multiple NYT bestseller. Philip writes very helpful essays and blogs frequently on his website, www.philipyancey.com

Philip is a very, very busy man, and his speaking schedule is filled years in advance. But I reached out to him in hopes that he could take a few minutes to help us all perhaps take a deep breath, and find another way to look at what’s happening in the world right now.

So let’s relax and enjoy a half-hour with a man who I call friend, whose books have changed my life and faith literally, and who has helped millions of people all over the world deal with difficult times.

We’re all in this together, friend, and Philip’s message will help us get through it with our fears in check and our faith intact.

Look: The corona virus is scary, but there are things you can do to shake off the fear and step into faith, and we’re going to change our minds about it, starting today.

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