Wyoming Tapes 5: Relationship Brain Surgery (S2E33)

It’s Time for Some Relationship Brain Surgery!

Our relationships have arguably the biggest impact on the quality and course of our lives compared to any other aspect.  Think about it: we choose a lot about where we live, what we do, how we spend our time, how we earn our living, how we dress, how we worship, pretty much everything based on the relationships we’re in. 
And since our relationships are so important in us being able to have a happy, healthy, productive, and successful life, it’s crucial that we learn to have the best relationships we can have, right? 
Look, nothing important in life is always easy. And one of the things I get the most email about goes something like, “Please pray for my marriage.” Relationships that are worthwhile take some work. They take time. They take energy.
But most of all, nearly everything our instincts and gut and the culture we live in tell us to strive for in relationships is based on what we think will make US happy. And I’m here to tell you that the secret to successful relationships is something entirely different.
And that’s what we’re after today. 


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