Self-Brain Surgery Tips: A Daily Practice

Feb 13, 2023

Self-Brain Surgery Tips to Change Your Mind

Three true things I must believe with all my heart:

  1. Feelings are not facts, they are neurochemical events in my brain
  2. Not every thought that pops into my head is true
  3. My brain is hard-wired with a negative, self-protecting baseline that is not always helpful to me

The Oath:

  • I will relentlessly refuse to participate in my own demise
  • I will learn to biopsy my thoughts and respond to them rather than reacting to them
  • I will use my frontal lobes to control my more basal, instinctive fight-or-flight impulses so that I can become healthier, feel better, and be happier.
  • I will use my understanding of and mastery of my own neuroscience to change my mind and change my life
  • I will start today


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