Managing or Changing? (S2E9)

Are We Managing Our Lives, or Really Changing Them?

I see people in my office every week who are hurting, and often times I can offer them a fix for their problem. But some folks just want to manage their pain, take a pill, or do something that’s quicker and less scary than having surgery.

This episode was inspired by Tommy Walker’s song Water Into Wine, which was written out of the story in John 2:1-5 .

In the story, Jesus changed water into wine. This wasn’t just a little change of the water. He didn’t add some powder to it and stir it up. He actually transformed it into the best wine the people had ever tasted.

Take a few minutes and look into this question with me: are you tired of just trying to manage the issues and problems you’re dealing with in your life, or do you have the courage to actually change them for good?

Scriptures mentioned: John 2:1-5 , Isaiah 51:1-2, Isaiah 61:1-3


Water Into Wine by Tommy Walker video

The Book of John in Song by Tommy Walker

My appearance at First Presbyterian Church Bonita Springs Florida



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