Bounce Back From Anything (S2E4)

What Do We Do When Life Knocks Us Down?

No matter who you are, you’ve been knocked around a little in your life, unless you’re either a perfectly healthy infant, a very isolated, wealthy person with a perfect family, or unless you’re insane and have no grasp on reality. If that’s the case, good for you: enjoy your little bubble of craziness while the rest of us are out here in the real world.
Assuming you’re a regular person, then you’ve probably had some issues, problems, setbacks, heartaches, disasters, losses, or other troubles.
So, what do we do when those things happen? How you answer that question will determine how successfully you navigate your life, and how how happy you are during it.
How do we bounce back when life knocks us down?
That’s what we’ll talk about today (originally broadcast as YST056 in July, 2015)


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