Making Fun of Work (S2E15)

Life is too short not to enjoy our labor. This episode is all about making fun of work.

(First posted as YST035 in February 2015)

This episode is all about work. Of course, this means different things depending on the season of life you’re in.

For some, it might mean a job. The old 9-to-5, punching a clock.

For others, it might be a house full of kids who depend on you for everything; from the time you open your eyes in the morning until long after they’re all tucked into bed, your work is to lay yourself down for others.

You might be retired, and now you’re spending your days not trying to earn money, but in pursuit of some other goal.

No matter what, how we spend our days determines much about our sense of importance, fulfillment, and satisfaction with ourselves and our lives. If we have a sense that what we do doesn’t matter, it’s easy to develop a fatalistic, “I’m not very important” viewpoint. 

Today, we’re going to look at our labor, and try to develop a path to finding purpose and peace in our work no matter what stage of life we’re in, how we are compensated, or how much (or little) what we do is seen, appreciated, or acknowledged by others.

Think about your typical day. How does it usually play out? When you ponder your work, how do you feel?

Irritated? Happy? Underwhelmed? Super excited?

Does your work challenge and inspire you to try harder, achieve more, and propel yourself into bigger and better things? Or does it make you feel unnoticed, stagnant, wasting away? Do you feel like your work allows you to use your gifts fully, or do you feel like you’re just punching a clock, waiting for something better, or spending your life on a treadmill, going nowhere fast?

Today we’ll find out what works about our work, and how to get to a place where we can make it fun, fulfilling, and fruitful.

I want your work to make you happy. I want it to give you a platform on which you can make the difference in the world you were designed to make.

So today, we’re going to learn how to make fun of work.


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