Press & Appearances

Jim Wood Interview

Wears Valley Ranch Radio
Feb 1, 2020
Great interview with Jim Wood and Dr. Lee Warren about faith and doubt.

Author Q&A with Spirituality and Health Magazine

Spirituality and Health Magazine
Jan 16, 2020
S&H sits down with Dr. W. Lee Warren to talk science, faith, and writing.

Book Signing in Casper, Wyoming

Casper Star-Tribune
Jan 16, 2020
The Casper author and neurosurgeon’s new book, “I’ve Seen the End of You,” was released this month by Penguin Random House imprint WaterBrook. In it, Warren tells stories about the patients who’ve affected him and ultimately taught him as he grappled with those big questions. Warren will sign copies and discuss the book today at the Natrona County Library.

Does Faith Matter?

The Zig Ziglar Show
Jan 15, 2020
I have with us, a neurosurgeon. Yes, a brain surgeon. One who sees massive trauma and generally knows the outcome right away. Yet as a Christian he believes God can heal anyone. But how do you pray and tell the patient or the patient’s family to pray, when he’s seen some diagnosis have a near 100% fatality rate? Leading him to grapple with, “God can heal this issue, but He doesn’t ever seem to.” Have you had, or do you have any circumstances in your life, where you struggle to see your faith making a difference? My guest is Lee Warren, MD.

Does Faith Make Any Difference? Q&A With Kevin Miller

The Zig Ziglar Podcast
Jan 15, 2020
“Everyone has experienced some level of trauma in their life. Amidst it, how much did your personal faith tangibly help, if it did at all?” Oh my, so many intimate responses. I asked Dr. Lee Warren to join me and talk through your comments.

Zig Ziglar’s Habits Podcast

The Zig Show with Kevin Miller
Jan 15, 2020
This is a license to invest in ourselves, not an admonishment. If you woke up to a brand new car in your driveway and a notecard that said, “From God”, you would be ecstatic and you would take care of that baby. What about your body? After letting his health go, Dr. Lee Warren committed to caring for himself and here in our habits show he stated, “Our body is a gift to us from the Creator.”

Chris Fabry Live

Moody Radio
Jan 15, 2020
​He’s walked among the sick and broken for more than twenty years. He’s an Iraq war veteran and a brain surgeon who has grappled with his faith in the trenches of war and the messes of everyday life. Dr. Lee Warren talks about the power of hope and faith when the prognosis is dire. If you’re doubting God’s presence and goodness today, don’t miss his inspiring story on Chris Fabry Live.

Lay Renewal Ministries Interview

Bott Radio KSIV
Jan 14, 2020
Another recent guest on Bott Radio Network KSIV Encounter was Dr. Lee Warren. Dr Warren is a brain surgeon and veteran of the Iraq War. His new book, I See the End of You, is a gripping look at faith, doubt, and revealing look at the things we THINK we know. (WaterBrook & Multnomah )

Book Signing This Week

Natrona County Library sponsored by Wind City Books
Jan 13, 2020
I'll be speaking and signing books at the Natrona County Public Library on Wednesday, January 15 at 6pm. Come out and get your signed copy of I've Seen the End of You!

Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review of I’ve Seen the End of You

Publisher's Weekly
Jan 13, 2020
Brain surgeon and Iraq War veteran Warren (No Place to Hide) delivers a powerful memoir of his experiences—inside the operating room and out—that test his faith.


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