Podcast Episode

Quantum Mind Change (Mind Change Monday)

Apr 29, 2024

It’s Mind Change Monday!

We’re continuing to learn a new way to pray and learn to use our minds to change our brains, and help us seek the abundance and peace Jesus promised us in John 10:10!

Quantum physics gives us two principles of how constantly looking at a situation can keep it stuck in that state, and the same is true in our lives. Learning to shift our viewpoint, relax, and trust God’s promises can help us change our minds and begin to move forward.

Today, we take another look the ABIDE practice, take it one level deeper, and learn a self-brain surgery operation that will help us become healthier, feel better, and be happier in any area of our lives. Neuroscience and faith smash together hard in this one!

Remember the ABIDE prayer/meditation practice:
Level I (Hearing):

Level II (Self-Brain Surgery Practice):

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  • (00:01) – Mind Change Monday Introduction
  • (01:22) – Exploring Quantum Physics
  • (02:51) – Self-Brain Surgery School Kickoff
  • (11:11) – Focus in Prayer
  • (17:05) – Moving from Contemplation to Action
  • (19:22) – Quantum Physics Principles
  • (27:32) – Generational Traumas and Inheritance
  • (31:42) – Transitioning to a Relaxed Brain State

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