Podcast Episode

Prehab for Suffering (Important Classic Episode for New or Hurting Listeners)

May 7, 2024

When Trouble Comes, You Fall to the Level of Your Preparation

If you’re hurting, here’s a classic episode to help you learn a new way to navigate suffering.

That includes the way you view God’s role in suffering. Here’s a new thought from Job, and a couple of insights that will help you when trauma, tragedy, and other massive things (TMTs) strike.

(Replay: Adapted and expanded from S9E75 Get a Good Theology Around Suffering)

When hard times come, you will be overwhelmed with doubt, fear, and you’ll be unsure of what to do next. Unless, that is, you have a good theology in place to answer the inevitable “why” questions. This episode will help you get your head on straight when life hurts.

: Job 23:8-9, Psalm 139, Psalm 121, Psalm 29, Psalm 143

  • (00:02) – Introduction on suffering and trauma
  • (02:20) – Insights from Bible study on prehab and new insights
  • (04:39) – Trusting in God’s work in the midst of suffering
  • (06:21) – Finding hope and purpose in the midst of suffering
  • (10:36) – Preparing for suffering and having a good theology in place
  • (11:48) – Finding Purpose in Suffering
  • (13:26) – Theology of Suffering and Doubts about God’s Love
  • (16:59) – The Fallacy of a Perfect Environment for Happiness
  • (19:56) – David’s Cry for God’s Presence in the Pit
  • (21:34) – Psalm 139: God’s Intimate Knowledge of David
  • (22:01) – David’s Assurance: God’s Presence in Every Situation
  • (24:12) – Filtering Thoughts: Is it True, Necessary, and Compassionate?
  • (27:15) – Don’t Harm Yourself: Purposeful Mindset Change and Good Theology
  • (30:00) – Theology of suffering and the search for truth
  • (32:20) – Changing our mindset about suffering and finding hope
  • (39:39) – Introducing “Hope is the First Dose” Book

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