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Pete Greig: 2024 DLW Podcast Awards Rd. 1

Jun 26, 2024

Help Me Pick the Best Podcast Conversation of 2024!

For the next two weeks, I’ll replay the top-two most downloaded interviews for the second quarter oft his year. Then we’ll have a survey for you to vote and choose a winner to move onto the semi-finals.

The first quarter winner was Mattie Jackson-Smith!

After we choose a winner from Q2, you can choose the finalist from the first half of the year by voting between the first two winners (Mattie Jackson-Smith and whoever wins Q2). At the end of the year, we’ll let the two semi-finalist winners battle to become the inaugural Dr. Lee Warren Podcast Award winner! Let’s listen to these amazing conversations and then honor our guests for sharing their stories and their wisdom with us.

The nominees for Q2 are Pete Greig and Tara-Leigh Cobble! We will replay Pete’s episode today and Tara-Leigh’s next Wednesday, and then you can vote to see who goes head-to-head with Mattie in three weeks!

(Remember: when we replay old episodes, the free books have already been given away)

Pete Greig has been teaching us to pray for decades.

What do you do when God seems far away? How do we learn to hear God? How do we pray when life hurts?

These are BIG questions! And Pete’s here to help us answer them.

Pete’s official bio and links:

Pete Greig is the Senior Pastor of Emmaus Rd church, and the bewildered founder of 24-7 Prayer, an international, inter-denominational movement of prayer, mission and justice operating in more than 100 countries.

Pete’s books, which are available in various languages and formats, have won the following awards:

 + ‘Dirty Glory’ – UK Christian Book of the year

+ ‘How to Pray’ – short-listed for the ECPA Christian Book of the Year® Award, 2021

+ ‘How to Hear God’ – Best Christian Life Book, 2022, Winner, Resources of the Year, 2023 in the Spiritual Growth category.

+ ‘God on Mute’ has been described as ‘a Christian classic’ by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Pete’s free, online resources include The Prayer Course – downloaded more than three million times, The Lectio Course, and Lectio365 – a daily devotional with more than 225,000 regular users.

He and his wife Sammy are members of The Order of the Mustard Seed (OMS). They split their time between a barge on the River Wey near Guildford, England, and a cliff top retreat on the Isle of Wight where they host and mentor leaders from around the world. Pete is an Ambassador for the NGO Tearfund, a visiting lecturer for St Mellitus Theological College and one of the founding conveners of the Wildfires festival. 

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  • (00:01) – Introduction
  • (00:52) – Inaugural Podcast Award Announcement
  • (01:21) – Quarter Two Winner Selection
  • (02:05) – Revisiting a Favorite Author: Pete Gregg
  • (08:49) – Self-Brain Surgery School
  • (16:59) – Facing Personal Challenges
  • (18:36) – Journey from Prayer to Contemplation
  • (21:17) – Understanding God’s Will
  • (22:36) – Navigating Dark Seasons in Faith
  • (26:49) – How to Pray: A Simple Guide
  • (28:56) – Embracing the Miraculous
  • (30:37) – Unpacking the P-R-A-Y Model
  • (31:37) – Centering and Rejoicing in God’s Presence
  • (34:21) – Transitioning from Warrior Prayers to Trusting God’s Plan
  • (46:17) – Bridging Neuroscience and Contemplative Prayer
  • (56:06) – Impact of Prayer and Listening to God’s Voice
  • (56:48) – Finding Hope and Healing in Grief and Loss
  • (59:55) – Trusting God Amidst Unanswered Questions
  • (01:02:23) – Apostolic Blessing of Hope and Peace
  • (01:04:08) – Reflecting on Profound Conversations with Pete Gregg

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