The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. W. Lee Warren, MD delivers weekly prescriptions from neuroscience, faith, and common sense on how to lead a healthier, better, happier life. You can't change your life until you change your mind, and Dr. Warren will teach you the art of self brain surgery to get it done. Recent guests on the Dr. Lee Warren Podcast include Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, and John Bevere.

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Promised Land Problems: How to Be Here Now (S2E24)

April 7, 2021

The Exodus story shows us four types of what I call “Promised Land Problems.” Learning to solve them could save your life!

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Fuel For Your Hungry Soul (S2E23)

April 3, 2021

In this episode, we look at food, fuel, numbing, surrogates, tomorrow taxes, and how to fill up on the one thing that really satisfies!

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Action April (S2E22)

April 1, 2021

It’s Action April, and the only question is, are you ready to start today?

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Seven Ways to Start Today (S2E21)

March 30, 2021

Here are seven ways to start today!

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Brother Walters’ Airplane (S2E20)

March 28, 2021

This episode is all about airplanes, the magic of imagination, and the power of perspective.

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If, Wait, Then: The Surgery of Hope (S2E19)

March 26, 2021

Life can be very difficult, and sometimes it seems like we’re all alone and without hope in a dark world. But here’s a few minutes about the self-brain surgery technique that will help you find hope and see the light again!

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Get Clear (S2E18)

March 24, 2021

Mind Change March is Giving Way to Action April. It’s go time. And you can’t get where you’re going without clarity on the path you need to take.

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You Can Get Up (S2E17)

March 21, 2021

Why do we keep going back to the same old problems and patterns? It’s time to get up!

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Hope Helmets (S2E16)

March 19, 2021

A short story about helmets, hope, and happiness!

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Making Fun of Work (S2E15)

March 17, 2021

Does your work challenge and inspire you to try harder, achieve more, and propel yourself into bigger and better things? Or does it make you feel unnoticed, stagnant, wasting away? Do you feel like your work allows you to use your gifts fully, or do you feel like you’re just punching a clock, waiting for something better, or spending your life on a treadmill, going nowhere fast?

Today we’ll find out what works about our work, and how to get to a place where we can make it fun, fulfilling, and fruitful.

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