The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. W. Lee Warren, MD delivers weekly prescriptions from neuroscience, faith, and common sense on how to lead a healthier, better, happier life. You can't change your life until you change your mind, and Dr. Warren will teach you the art of self brain surgery to get it done. Recent guests on the Dr. Lee Warren Podcast include Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, and John Bevere.

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

The Last Word (S5E89)

September 2, 2022

When You Can’t Hear Truth in Your Own Brain, You Need Better Words “Take to heart all the words by which I am warning you […]

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The Path to Better (S5E88)

September 1, 2022

When Things Feel Hard, We Need to See a Way Forward There’s a lot of tough things happening right now, friend, but not to worry! […]

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Thirty Good Decisions (S5E87)

August 31, 2022

We’ve Reached the End of All-In August! The question is: What’s Next? Here’s a short talk about a great idea for September. What if we […]

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Tuesdays with Tata #53: No Old Beaches (S5E86)

August 30, 2022

It’s Tuesdays with Tata! We had a great talk about how we view ourselves, how we view God, and how there is no place in […]

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Hammer Time (S5E85(

August 29, 2022

It’s Time to Pick Up the Hammer and Get After It! All-In August is almost over. And it’s go time. Here are some thoughts about […]

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Trauma Rounds: Comfort inTimes of Trouble (S5E84)

August 28, 2022

When we go through hard times, it can feel like God has abandoned us. Here’a trauma rounds episode to learn the self-brain surgery of seeing […]

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The Sword/Hold Fast (S5E83)

August 27, 2022

Sometimes it feels like the sword won’t leave your house. Here’s a few thoughts on what to do when life feels like a relentless attack.  […]

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S5E82 Flex For It

August 26, 2022

Self-brain surgery tip #6: Hope is a verb. You have to choose it, chase it, fight and flex for it. Negative is natural, positive is […]

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Going Forward (S5E81)

August 25, 2022

What’s the problem with the past? Here’s some self-brain surgery for you! The past is a terrible place to find identity, but it’s a great […]

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Burn the Ships (S5E80)

August 24, 2022

Are you All-In? It’s Time to Burn the Ships.  Book: All In by Mark Batterson Scriptures: Isaiah 30 Genesis 26 Amos 5 Jeremiah 42 Sign […]

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