The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. W. Lee Warren, MD delivers weekly prescriptions from neuroscience, faith, and common sense on how to lead a healthier, better, happier life. You can't change your life until you change your mind, and Dr. Warren will teach you the art of self brain surgery to get it done. Recent guests on the Dr. Lee Warren Podcast include Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, and John Bevere.

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

The Last Worst Thing (A Story About Quantum Physics and Hope)

December 13, 2019

Start learning to see the physics of your own life. That’s where you’ll find the hope you need. That’s how you’ll be able to start today.

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Form Follows Function: How to Design Your Life

December 6, 2019

Here’s how to design your mind and your heart to live out your purpose, withstand whatever life throws at you, and find joy and purpose in every moment: Form has to follow function.

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The First Year Without Them

November 30, 2019

Holidays are hard sometimes. Especially the first time through them after a major loss in your life. This episode will help you know what to expect in the first year after losing someone you love, and how to help others who are going through it.

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Thought Biopsies, Goal Posts, and Patch Bays

November 22, 2019

Listen: you can’t change your life until you change your mind, and today we’re doing some self-brain surgery to make things better.Are you ready to learn what thought biopsies, goal posts and patch bays have to do with helping you become healthier, feel better, and be happier? I hope so. Because we’re going to start today.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

November 15, 2019

When life hits you hard, sometimes you don’t know what to do next. In this episode, we’ll find out. The Dr. Lee Warren podcast is brought to you by I’ve Seen the End of You: A Neurosurgeon’s Look at Faith, Doubt, and the Things We Think We Know, available from Waterbrook/Penguin Random House for pre-order now everywhere books are sold. Don’t forget to support your local booksellers!

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The Numbers Add Up- How to Start Where You Are

November 8, 2019

Solving the equation of your life will create hope, joy, and opportunity in the future. Here’s how to get right about who we are, starting today.

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Faith, Doubt, and Brain Surgery

November 1, 2019

Dr. Lee Warren is a neurosurgeon and an author who is here to help you harness neuroscience, the power of your brain; faith, the power of your spirit; and common sense to help you lead a healthier, better, happier life. You can’t change your life until you change your mind, and Dr. Warren is here to help you learn the art of self brain surgery to get that done.

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Wrestling Pigs (Relationship Brain Surgery #2)

March 4, 2018

Having a relationship with mean people is like wrestling pigs. Listen to this week’s podcast to find out how. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone […]

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Bad Sensors (Emotional Brain Surgery)

February 25, 2018

What do a frustrating day in the airport and a near-death experience in an Air Force fighter jet have to do with each other? And […]

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Spiritual Brain Surgery

February 17, 2018

A Love Letter From God Leads to Spiritual Brain Surgery Hey my friend. I’m glad you’re here. Before we get started, I need a favor. […]

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