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I Will Not Pass it On (The 7th Commandment of Self-Brain Surgery)

May 4, 2024

It’s Self-Brain Surgery Saturday!

Today, a look at the 7th commandment of Self-Brain Surgery: I must not perpetuate generational thought or behavioral issues in my family or start any new ones.

The Ten Commandments of Self-Brain Surgery
I must relentlessly refuse to participate in my own demise.

I must believe that feelings are not facts, they are chemical events in my brain.

I must believe that most of my thoughts are untrue.

I must believe that my brain is designed to heal (Ryker’s Regular Legs)

I must love tomorrow more than I hate how I feel right now. (No Tomorrow Tax! Corollary: I must not treat bad feelings with bad operations.)

I must stop making an operation out of everything.

I must not perpetuate generational thought or behavioral issues in my family or start any new ones.

I must love my brain and live in such a way as to protect and improve it.

I must believe that what I’m doing I’m getting better at.

I must understand that thoughts become things.

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  • (00:02) – Introduction
  • (01:33) – The Power of Ten Commandments
  • (03:10) – Understanding Epigenetics
  • (07:23) – The Impact of Generational Thought and Behavior
  • (11:10) – Ephesians 5 and Self-Brain Surgery
  • (18:24) – The Physical Restoration of Epigenetics
  • (21:59) – Breaking Generational Cycles
  • (23:37) – Conclusion and Action Steps

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