Podcast Episode

Change Your Mind with the Thought Biopsy Operation (Mind Change Monday)

Jun 24, 2024

It’s Mind Change Monday!

Today, a powerful tool to help you gain control of harmful thinking.

You can download a free worksheet to help you with the thought biopsy by clicking here.

Podcast Mentioned: Theology in the Raw with my friend Dr. Preston Sprinkle. Here’s a link to my appearance on his show last year.

Scripture: II Corinthians 10:5, Romans 12:2, Philippians 4:6-8

Book Mentioned: Your Brain is Always Listening by Daniel Amen

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  • (00:01) – Introduction to Self-Brain Surgery
  • (02:07) – The Importance of Brain Biopsy in Neurosurgery
  • (22:24) – The Power of Thought Biopsy
  • (28:23) – Beware of Follow-Up Thoughts
  • (31:44) – Transforming Your Life Through Mind Change
  • (32:27) – Utilizing the Handbook of Self-Brain Surgery
  • (32:47) – Starting Today for a Mind Change
  • (33:12) – Closing Remarks and Book Promotion

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