No Greater Way with Al Genatone (S2E46)

It’s Memorial Day 2021, a Day to Remember to Never Forget

Special thanks to my guest on today’s podcast, Al Genatone. Al is a combat veteran, bronze star recipient from the war in Afghanistan. He played college football at Washington State. 


Al and I had a great conversation about war, combat, and what Memorial Day really means. 


No Greater Way to Love by W. Lee Warren, MD

Step outside on Memorial Day and listen.

Feel the wind, close your eyes and focus your mind; you will hear them.

Over one million voices, those who have fallen in battle under our flag.

From Concord to New Orleans, Gettysburg to San Juan Hill and Belleau Wood, they call out, “Do not forget us.”

From Bastogne to the beaches of Normandy and the banks of the Chosin Reservoir. You will hear them if you listen: “We did this for you.”

The wind shifts, and from Khe Sanh you hear, “Do you think we were different than you?”

And from Panama, Grenada, and Kuwait the question echoes.

“Had we not our own dreams, those we loved and by whom we were loved?”

And you realize that in the vast chorus of voices from millions of fallen warriors you’re now hearing individuals, those who answered the call when it came.

They cry out from Baghdad and Fallujah and Robert’s Ridge, “Do not break faith with us.”

Do you hear them?

They were just like you. Not superheroes, not invincible titans or fearless Spartans raised to kill and be killed in Battle.

They were- they are- someone’s son or daughter. Someone’s daddy, brother, wife.

They did not grow up with the expectation of pouring out their blood at Appomattox or in Afghanistan.

No; they had plans, families, talents and things to give the world besides their ability to stop a bullet or absorb shrapnel for you.

So, on this day, for at least a moment, pause and reflect, you recipient of their sacrifice.

How will their valor be repaid in your life?

Will you vote, carry yourself with honor, fight oppression or stand up for those who cannot fight their own battles?

Because the voices you’re hearing today are from men and women who would, who did, stand up when you needed them to.

Your freedom was purchased for you.

At the cost of their lives.

Do not forget them.

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Narrated by Al Genatone


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