Max Lucado on Anxiety and Fear In Times of Crisis

Pastor Max Lucado Joins Us Today To Speak Peace Into Anxiety

In my life, when I’m stressed or worried, I always turn to the word of God. But when I need to talk to someone about these things, I talk to Lisa and to my chaplain or pastor.

And God has blessed me with several pastors, chaplains, and writers in my life who are personal friends. But no matter where we’ve lived or worshiped, my go-to pastor is always our old friend Max Lucado. Max was my pastor when I lived in San Antonio, and my father-in-law Dennis worked at Oak Hills Church with Max.

And my wife Lisa has been great friends with Max’s wife Denalyn for many years. So, when Lisa and I got married Max became more than just a pastor to me. He’s a true friend, and, as you’ll hear in this episode, he’s been there for me in my worst moment after my son died.

But Max isn’t just a pastor. He’s also a world-wide bestselling author of over 40 books. Max’s books have sold over 100 million copies across 54 languages worldwide. His 42nd trade book, Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name, just came out in January.

But all that aside, despite his great success as a writer, Max is most at home in his role as a pastor.

So, since this is a time of great anxiety and stress, I thought that the Dr. Lee Warren Podcast listeners like you (and me) needed a pastor.

I reached out to Max, and he said he would be happy to come and minister to all of us today.

The corona virus is scary, but there are things you can do to shake off the fear and step into faith, and Max Lucado is going to help us change our minds about it, starting today.

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