It’s Not Impossible (S3E87)

If you’re dealing with something impossible, this is for you!

When it feels impossible for us, God reminds us it’s possible for Him!

Here’s a quick list of times in scripture when God made something IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. So, He can do it for us too!


Sometimes, God…

Whistles Zechariah 10:8, Isaiah 5:26, Isaiah 7:18 (FLIES, BEES, AND PEOPLE)
Roars Hosea 11:10
Gets up Isaiah 30:18
Roams the earth 2 Chronicles 16:9
Sees the end from the beginning (not surprised) Isaiah 46:10
Finishes what He starts/Ends it like he says he will/Calls his shots Isaiah 46:11
Floats axe heads 2 Kings 6:1-7
Sends bears 2 Kings 2:23-25
Calls for birds and leaders Isaiah 46:11
Parts waters Genesis 1:6 (Beginning), Exodus 14 (Red Sea), Joshua 4:10 (Jordan), 2 Kings 2:8 (Elijah), 2 Kings 2:13-14 (Elisha)
Knocks down walls Joshua 6
Moves the sun Joshua 10:12-14
Raises up dry bones Dry bones in Ezekiel 37
Sends angels Daniel 10
Coins in fish  Matthew 17:24-27
Fish to Swallow Prophet Jonah 1-2
Manna and Quail Exodus 16
Water from a rock Exodus 17
Loaves and fishes Mark 6:30-44
Makes wine John 2
Oil that doesn’t run out I Kings 17:7-16
Raises the dead  Luke 7:11–17,  Luke 8:49–56, : John 11:1-44
Calms storms Matthew 8
Walks on Water Matthew 14
Heals disease and disability John 5
Heals ears Luke 22
Eats His Homework? John 4:34 (“My food is to the work my Father gave me.”)
And if that’s not enough- he will lay down his life for you: Romans 5:8
And didn’t stay dead: I Cor. 15, Colossians 2
And he’s praying for you! John 17
Music by Lincoln Brewster


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