The Invitation: An Atheist Doubts His Faith and Seeks Happiness (Part 1)

What happens when a committed, lifelong atheist begins to doubt his faith?

Join me for a three-hour conversation with my good friend Dr. David Martorano.

David sent me a shocking text message recently. We’ve had several long conversations over the years about his faith in atheism and my faith in Jesus Christ, and they always end in both of us shaking our heads. But his text message said, “I’m struggling with my faith.”

But that wasn’t the only shocking thing David said to me that day.

He also wanted to record our conversation, because he said, “If I’m struggling with what I believe right now, I bet other people are too. Maybe this will help them and me.”

So, we’re not sure where this is going, or how many conversations it will take before David finds what he’s looking for, but we both believe it will be helpful to all of us.


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