Infinitely Happier, 100,000 Times Over

We just hit 100,000 downloads!

I am humbled and excited to tell you that we’ve crossed the 100,000-download threshold. That’s not a huge number compared to some podcasts like Joe Rogan or Max Lucado. But it’s so amazing to me that 100,000 episodes of my show have been listened to around the world.

I just want to say thank you for listening, and I’m committed to making the show helpful and uplifting, honest and vulnerable, and always valuable as we try to change our minds and change our lives.

Lisa and I are thankful for you, and as always, we want to remind you that we don’t record this for 100,000 people. We write and record it for you.

This episode will give you some tools to find perfect peace no matter what you’re going through, and help you be infinitely happier!


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