When You’re Spinning Your Wheels

Why do we keep trying to go our own way, even when we keep spinning our wheels?

When you’re in a spot like that, it’s easy to give up and decide that all is lost and that God has abandoned you and you’re completely hosed.

Remember that the bible says in Hebrews 6:18 that it is impossible for God to lie. I wrote about that in I’ve Seen the End of You, that it means that all of God’s promises have to be true or none of them can be.

This past weekend I watched my grandson Georgie getting progressively more frustrated as he tried to make a toy car run through thick grass. And I wrote a letter to my subscribers about it, and today it dawned on me in the context of this scripture I found in Jeremiah that maybe the letter I wrote about Georgie and the ideas around God always keeping his promises might be helpful to you, too.


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