Throw the First Punch (with special guest Cathy Holman)

When life gives you a problem you can see coming, you need to throw the first punch.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with blogger, radio personality, and punch-thrower Cathy Holman.

Cathy’s Biography

Cathy Holman is a city girl gone country, all for the love of a cowboy. She now lives in the middle of nowhere Wyoming with 5 children, 2 dogs, 4 horses, a couple of steers, and a constantly changing number of chickens and cats.

Cathy began in 2013 to offer support to other women, wives and mothers.

For her, it’s all about spreading her message of living a life of grit and grace. She shares stories of her life on the Wyoming prairie, including honest (with a bit of humor) posts about parenting, loss, finding your joy, faith, and her choice to have a preventive mastectomy. Eventually her writing led to speaking engagements, regular TV appearances on K2’s Good Morning Wyoming, as well as a weekly radio segment on K2 AM1030.

You can now hear her every weekday 6-10am on the My Country 95.5 Morning Show with Doc and Prairie Wife. She continues to spread her message of grit and grace through speaking engagements across the state of Wyoming.


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