The Limits of Personal Development, Part II (With Addison Bevere)

How Far Can A Person Develop Without Spiritual Development?

There are lots of things you can do to make your own life better. My podcast and the $11 billion dollar personal development industry, lots of books and other podcasts and gurus all can help you change your thinking and improve all aspects of how you live.

Last week, we looked at where the limits of personal development are, and when we need a mental health professional. Dr. David Martorano and I had a great conversation, and it’s been very well received all over the world.

But I believe there’s another aspect of personal development that we need to think about: how far can we go as humans if we’re not connected to our creator?

Today, author Addison Bevere ( joins me to talk about his wonderful new book, Saints: Becoming More Than ‘Christians’, and all about how to connect with the One who can ‘develop’ us in the way He designed.

Addison Bevere’s Website

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