Form Follows Function: How to Design Your Life

When Form Doesn’t Follow Function, Chaos Ensues

Good interior designers have a cardinal rule: “Form Follows Function.”

If you want a house to work properly so you can live in it efficiently and comfortably, the designer needs to follow this rule. Because when form doesn’t follow function, you can have a beautiful room that’s super frustrating when you can’t find the light switch.

The same is true in our lives.

Learn to design your mind and your heart so you can live out your purpose. Learn to withstand whatever life throws at you, and find joy and purpose in every moment. Harness interior design, neuroscience, and self-brain surgery so you can change your mind and change your life.

When form follows function, everything’s easier. It just works. Listen to learn how to make it happen in your life.

In this episode:

A story about Dr. Warren and Lisa’s terrible couch experience

Previews of two characters from Dr. Warren’s new book

Another installment of This Week’s Things that Help

Tools and strategies for designing a better life


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