Hope Is the First Dose

A Treatment Plan for Recovering from Trauma, Tragedy, and Other Massive Things

Hope is the First Dose book cover

The question isn’t whether you will face the hardest thing. It’s what to do when it’s staring you in the face.

Because whether in your past, present, or future, trauma will reconfigure your life. And it will do so as your massive thing: someone left, someone cheated, the biopsy was bad, the baby didn’t have a heartbeat, a loved one died, you suffered abuse, or your dreams ended abruptly. The devastation is both immediate and ongoing, leaving a wake of emotional, spiritual, and even physical pain.

Dr. Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and former combat surgeon in Iraq, knows this firsthand. A medical doctor with more than twenty years’ experience wrestling with the tensions between faith and science, he faced unspeakable tragedy in losing his nineteen-year-old son.

In Hope Is the First Dose, Dr. Warren offers tender empathy and hard-won insights to give you tangible hope. No matter what you’re facing, it doesn’t have to be the end of you. Let Dr. Warren help you find your way back to a new season of hope, faith, peace—and even happiness.

The first dose is hope—and it comes in the form of grace from the skilled hands of the Great Physician.

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"Hope Is the First Dose is a powerful testament to survival, healing, and health during the darkest times. Dr. Lee Warren’s healer spirit, energy, and practical guidance is apparent in every chapter."

- Daniel G. Amen, MD
founder of Amen Clinics and author of The End of Mental Illness

"This is an intimate read. You will feel Dr. Lee beside you, the reassuring hand of a friend holding yours. He uses his own personal experiences and his wealth of knowledge to show us what it means to live again after catastrophic loss. Whether you are religious or not, whatever faith you may or may not have, this book will stay with you in times of trouble; it is memorable, universal, and inspiring."

- Christy Lefteri
bestselling author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo

"I’m so sorry that my friend Lee had to write this book, yet I’m so grate- ful he did. There are no empty platitudes in these pages or helium-filled promises. Look elsewhere for plastic smiles, but look here for genuine hope."

- Max Lucado
pastor and bestselling inspirational author

"I found refuge within the pages of Dr. Warren’s writing. His words of God’s goodness and hope guided me through the darkness of trauma and pain and led me to the good, comforting presence of our Great Physician."

- Laura Barringer
co-author of A Church Called Tov

"A remarkable book by an even more remarkable man about an even more remarkable hope in an even more remarkable Savior."

- Dane C. Ortlund, PhD
author of Gentle and Lowly and Deeper


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